Frequently asked Questions

What is a small move? 
•Why are we called the Blue Mexican? 
•How early should I book? 
How can I pay?
•What happens if something goes wrong?
•What is a backload?
•What vehicles do you use?
•Do you have insurance?

Q.What is a small move?

A.We do small removals, which means anything from a single item up to seven (7) cubic metres. That is roughly the contents of one room.

Q.Why are we called the Blue Mexican?

A.We get asked this question more than any other! The Blues are New South Wales cricket and rugby league state teams. And we go 'south of the border' to Victoria once every week. Our interstate truck spends almost as much time in VIC as NSW.

Q.How early should I book?

A. We take a lot of last-minute bookings‎, but usually a few days notice is best.

Q.How can I pay?

A. You can pay for your move with cash, eftpos or credit card. Eftpos. $1 fee. Credit card $1 fee plus 1%. Sorry we don't do American Express (AMEX)

You can pay either at the pickup, or on arrival at delivery, or after pickup over the phone. We don't mind, so long as somebody pays us!

For removals over $800, we request payment of half at pickup, and the remaining half on arrival at delivery.

Q.What happens if something goes wrong?

A. We pride ourselves on a careful and reliable removalist service. Twenty two years of local and interstate removals has taught us a lot about how to safely more special furniture and fragile items. But we do around 3000 moves every year, so very occasionally things can go wrong.

If we attempt a pickup or delivery and there is nobody home, we may be able to attempt to revisit later that day or the following day. Sometimes this will incur an extra charge.

If it's one chair then we can usually leave it at one of our storage points for you to collect. If it's a large amount of furniture we may have to store your items at your expense in your city.

It can take a long time to unload a large load into a storage unit. Then to reload it a week later and try to redeliver is not a quick or cheap exercise. You would be responsible for a local delivery with a local carier to your place at a later date.

As people are usually home at the pre-arranged time to receive their furniture, this probably happens less than once a year!

If we damage an item of furniture we agree to repair it or replace it. We do occasional deliveries for furniture repair craftsmen, so are familiar with some excellent people who can repair furniture to a high standard.

Occasionally the item will be unrepairable, then it will need to be replaced or its agreed value paid to you.

We have extensive insurance coverage just in case this is required, though we have only had to make one claim in twelve years of business.

More details of our insurance below.

Q.What is a back load?

A.The term back load originally referred to a load that a truck could get on a return trip somewhere, rather than travelling home empty. These days some removalists use the term to describe their regular removal services, because some people think a backload will be cheaper than a normal removal.

Q. What vehicles do you use?

A. We use late-model ISUZU trucks. All our vehicles are still under warranty and regularly serviced. In case they break down in town or on the highway, we have two different roadside service crews available. Isuzu Care (through their country dealer network) and NRMA Businesswise Truck road ‎service. We also have a business account with Beaurepaires, so your furniture won't be stranded on the side of a country road if we have a tyre blowout!

All our vehicles are fully enclosed furniture pantecs, watertight and fitted with loud alarms and GPS tracking. They are parked on private secure property under cameras at night time.

Each truck has around ninety clean felt blankets to wrap furniture, and lots of tie straps to secure everything in safely.

Q. Do you have insurance?

A. We have removalist insurance for goods in transit (called Marine insurance) up to $300,000 per truck. This is just in case we need to make a claim for damage to furniture, or fire or theft etc.

Our workers are properly covered by workers compensation insurance, in case they injure themselves on the job.

We also have extensive public liability insurance cover. In case someone should get tangled up while we are moving you and hurts themself!

Insurance is something that a business needs to be licenced to sell. We are not legally allowed to charge you extra for insurance cover. You are covered by our existing policies.

If you or your building manager needs, we can provide a certificate of currency usually within 24 hours, for any of our insurance policies upon request.

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We accept payment via Cash, credit card and EFTPOS